What is Cloud Think?

Cloud Think is a better approach to your digital transformation. It’s a way to connect people. It’s a way to connect ideas. It’s a way to grow your business. It’s a way to grow you.

Let’s talk about your vision, your goals, and how together we will succeed.

It all starts with a conversation.

I think. You think. We think. Cloud Think.

What We Do



Implementation, Optimization, Admin and Developer Staffing, On-Demand Support, Platform Migration, Integration, Data Alignment, Consulting and more.

SalesTealSales and Business

Sales Process Definition, Business Process Definition, Process Improvement, Process to Technology Alignment, Consulting and more.

callcentertealContact Center

Process and Technology Optimization, Data Alignment, Agent Capacity Optimization, Diversion via Technology, Consulting and more.

Who We Are

Cloud Think is you.  Cloud Think is me.

Cloud Think is your past, present, and future employees.

Cloud Think is consultants.  Cloud Think is thought leaders.

Cloud think is the person in front of you at Starbucks.

Cloud Think is a startup.  Cloud Think is a business celebrating its centennial.

Cloud Think is the person taking the first step towards achieving their vision. Cloud Think is the person afraid of failure.

Cloud Think is all of us.

Cloud Think is the right people at the right time coming together to solve real problems. Founded by industry leaders and experts who after years of traditional consulting and IT management came together in a singular voice saying “there has to be a better way”.

And there is. And we will show you.

Who We Help


“Cloud Think has always gone above and beyond to help me solve problems, and more importantly always asked why to get us thinking bigger and to ensure that we proceeded in the best way(s) possible to solve our pain points.”

-Lynne Richardson