Our Commitment

Salesforce is more than just one thing we do; it’s in everything we do and we are committed to the platform and the success of their customers. From our employees to our partners to our founder, who has over 8 years of Salesforce experience and is a 5X Salesforce MVP, we live Salesforce everyday. Here are some of the certifications currently held by the Cloud Think team.

Our Focus

Salesforce has grown from a simple CRM to a market leading Platform as a Service (PaaS). As the platform has grown so has the complexity. With that complexity comes the need to focus on the core tenants of the Salesforce Platform that create the most impact.

Sales Cloud
Community Cloud
Service Cloud
Analytics Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Integration Cloud

Salesforce Implementation

CTCloudSalesforce is a large investment. According to a recent Forrester report, most companies fail to achieve a worthwhile ROI on this investment. Fortunately, we understand why this happens and will ensure you get the most out of Salesforce by focusing on the things that matter and create positive impact.

People. Process. Technology. Strategy. 


The most crucial and often overlooked step on your path to success is getting the right people involved and in agreement. We call this define and align. We will help define the right project team, navigate alignment across the business, and ensure everyone is working towards a common goal.


Business process defines how technology is used and not the other way around. We take the time to get you know you and your business with a unique workshop approach. Our design and discovery process is far more effective than the traditional Q&A sitting around a table in a conference room.


Salesforce works best as the centerpiece and primary user interface for your employees. To make this work you need to understand all the systems in use, how they apply to your business and the data associated to each system. Systems and Data integration is mission critical to the success of your Salesforce implementation.


A successful Salesforce implementation takes time and planning. Once we have defined and aligned, uncovered and documented your business process, and understand your total technology ecosystem, our experts apply their experience to design the right solution and more importantly define the right time-frames for implementation.

Salesforce Support

Keeping up with Salesforce is no small task. Not everyone has the time, budget, desire, or expertise to do it themselves. We can help and offer flexible solutions that empower you on your Salesforce journey. Here are some the ways we support our clients and partners.

Retainer Based Support
Cloud Think’s retainer based support gives you predictable and guaranteed access to our Admin and Developer teams. With the ability to scale up hours when necessary this is the best combination of flexibility and dependability.
On-demand Support
A simple pay-as-you-go style of support that allows for complete flexibility at the cost of having resources guaranteed available the moment you need them.


Salesforce Training
Let our experts help you create an expert of your own. We offer focused one-on-one or group training for users or Admin. We also provide planning and train-the-trainer focused sessions to help with adoption and continued education. As leaders in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community we can also help define a strategy for certifications and professional development. 

Salesforce Senior Consulting
Sometimes all you need is some expert advice to get you started on your path to success. We understand the value of listening to understand as well as teaching and not just telling. Our senior consultants are available in half or full day increments to help you with anything you need. We come to you and the time we spend with you is completely focused on your needs and agenda.